Grant for Creators


As part of the mission and commitment to giving something back to help discover and support new up and coming comic creators, we will be offering a $500 grant. We know what it takes to get an idea from ground zero to the market and the resources that are required. We know that many ‘would be’ comic creators don’t have the resources to hire the help necessary to get it done. Some don’t even know where to start or what it really takes to create, market, and sell a comic book. Even in an age of A.I. with the allure of ‘free’ tools, there is still a cost involved if you want to do it right. We will be offering a $500 grant to one qualified creative that has a project and can demonstrate to our judges that their project deserves a financial boost. The winner will demonstrate they have all the basic and fundamental ingredients as well as the focus and will to do everything. We will work with that individual to assure them the maximum potential for success. Criteria as well as requirements will be open beginning November 20, 2023 and will close December 31st, 2023 with the grant being awarded in February 2024.