About Us

Welcome to MWS Studios founded by Steven Hicks, Jr. In a recent interview, the founder was asked why he started MWS Studios. “As a comic book reader, I didnt see enough heroes and characters that looked like me so I created my own…” Today over 5 years later, MWS Studios has grown into a dynamic comic book publisher on a mission to inspire, entertain, and empower readers of all ages with a passion that lies in crafting stories that feature not just heroes but “sheroes” too—icons of strength, courage, and hope who reflect the diverse and vibrant world we live in. We are committed to delivering exciting narratives as well as action packed stories that captivate the hearts and minds of our readers.

We believe that comics have the remarkable ability to transcend boundaries, nurturing creativity and fostering values that matter with fresh, unique, original storylines and situations. Our collection showcases a diverse range of characters and stories, all united by a common thread of positivity and inspiration dealing and solving common problems that our readers can relate to in their everyday lives. Whether you’re a pre-teen discovering the magic of comics for the first time or a seasoned reader seeking fresh, empowering adventures, we invite you to embark on a journey through our vividly illustrated worlds. Join us as we redefine heroism and sheroism through the pages of our comics, where every story is a celebration of the incredible power that resides within each one of us.