About Microwars

The Story

Main Character

Name: Rashida Foli
Age: 16
Inspired to be Hero.
Dislikes: Spicy Food
Likes: Retro things 90s 80s stuff, wrestling, videos game and Music
Personality: Sassy, intelligent, kind, Creative, & Strong willed, Impulsive.

Micro Wars is the story of a young teenager named Rashida Foli who is inspired to be a Hero. When a mad Scientist threatens to take over the city of Detroit. She quickly learns that putting on a mask and fighting crime isn’t enough. Calling yourself a hero doesn’t make you one. The path to being something more won’t be easy. Will she learn the Difference? Can she find her own way? “The world is a Beautiful and fascinating place but it also can be dark and full of evil.”- Control yourself Young one.

The Team

Hi, I am Steven Hicks, the creator of Micro Wars.  My inspiration came from an absence of black super hero content.  Due to that lack of representation, I created my own.

Bio: Kelvin L. Malone Jr.

I am a visual artist born and raised in Memphis, TN. I’m a mix media artist, using paint, ink, pencil, and color pencils. I specialize in portraits and anime/manga style of art. All of my artwork is freehanded. I am proud to be working with Steven Hicks and other creatives on Micro Wars and other future projects. 

Kelvin L. Malone Jr.
Phone: 901-288-4091
FB: Kelvin LeftFree Malone
IG: @dagreatestartistalive
Twitter: @901LeftFree

Name: Emilio Marz

Artist of Micro Wars


Name: Malcom Smiley Cannon

Co-Writer of Micro Wars